Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.

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What can you expect when divorcing an alcoholic?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorcing someone who is fit and healthy is difficult, to say the least, but when they suffer from a substance abuse problem, it is even harder. Sadly, alcoholism can wreck a marriage and complicate the divorce process if it comes to that.

If you are serious about divorcing your alcoholic spouse, knowing what you might face can strengthen your coping ability. Here are some things you may experience if you intend to sever your legal ties to an alcoholic.

Psychological effects

Although you may sincerely wish to get out of a marriage harmed by alcohol, don’t be surprised if you have doubts from time to time. Many spouses feel guilty about divorcing someone who is clearly in a vulnerable position. These guilty feelings, and concern over your spouse’s condition, may cause you to second guess your decision occasionally.

Legal issues

The legal ins and outs of dissolving a marriage with an alcoholic spouse may be more complicated than in other divorces. For example, if you share children, parenting time or visitation may be especially problematic. The court will need to know about alcoholism to create or approve a parenting plan that serves the best interests of your kids.

Possible danger

Sometimes, alcoholism and domestic violence go hand in hand, especially during an unwanted divorce. To protect yourself and your children, make everyone’s safety a top priority. Under New Jersey law, those who fear personal danger can obtain protective orders to help prevent potentially hazardous situations from arising.

Divorcing an alcoholic can be a difficult and complex process, but you need not go through it alone. Divorce counseling, support from those close to you and experienced legal guidance may help you through this difficult time.