Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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A Compassionate And Careful Approach To Family Law Issues

Divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship in which there are children is stressful. It requires that you make a number of important decisions at a time when you may be hurting emotionally, uncertain about your financial future and concerned about the impact it will have on your children.

At Laemers, Murphy & Neggia, LLC, we understand the turmoil that is created by divorce and all that goes with it. We have assisted individuals in Newton, Sussex County and neighboring counties in the full spectrum of family law concerns since 2011.

Our attorneys provide personalized attention with an emphasis on accomplishing what is most important to each individual client. Our client-friendly approach features a commitment to help each person understand the divorce process, gain clarity on what can be accomplished and identify priorities so we can work together to develop a legal strategy that accomplishes your unique goals.

Guiding You Through Every Aspect Of Divorce

We have extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of all New Jersey family law statutes. Whether you are in the early stages of a divorce, or you need to modify existing orders, we can assist you. We help our clients protect their rights and work to reach their goals in a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Children’s issues such as physical and legal custody, parenting plans and support
  • The division of marital property, including complex assets such as investment real estate, pensions and retirement accounts
  • Identification of the separate property that should not be subject to property division
  • How to treat a family business or professional partnership
  • Spousal support
  • Modification of existing orders
  • Domestic violence issues, including false accusations

We Consider All Options When Resolving Disputes

The divorce process often involves disputes about some of the issues above that must be addressed. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on your own, we can assist with negotiations and use mediation in an attempt to resolve the matter. Agreeing to terms without litigating allows both parties to retain more control over the outcome and typically reduces legal fees as well.

In some situations, an agreement outside of court is not possible. Our attorneys are trial-tested and always ready to advocate on your behalf in court if necessary. New Jersey divorces are filed and litigated in the Family Division of the Superior Court in the county where the couple lived while they were together. Our familiarity with these courts and the judges provides us additional insight into how your case may be resolved if it comes down to a court ruling.

Let Us Review Your Family Law Matter

We welcome the opportunity to review your case and recommend an effective course of action. We offer a free 30-minute consultation in which we can answer your questions and provide additional information about your situation. Call Laemers, Murphy & Neggia, LLC at 973-869-5658 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.