Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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A Family Law Firm That Places The Emphasis On Family

Some people deal with legal issues a handful of times in their life, while others encounter them more routinely. No matter what category you fall into, family law matters are among the most important issues you will ever face. As a result, if you are ending a marriage or facing any other family law concern, you want to work with a law firm that has a strong reputation and you can trust will develop a legal strategy tailored to your unique needs.

At Laemers, Murphy & Neggia, LLC, we get that. We understand the stress that comes with divorce and all of the difficult decisions that come with it. That’s why our team emphasizes personal attention, accessibility to the attorneys and clear, continuous communication from the initial consultation throughout the resolution of your case.

Founding partner Peter Laemers established the firm in 2011. He has assembled a team that focuses on putting clients in the best possible position to move forward following a significant life-changing event. To learn more about the individual members of our team, click on the respective links below.

Knowledgeable ♦ Dependable ♦ Personable

Our thorough knowledge of New Jersey family law statutes allows us to consider all options when addressing child custody, the division of marital property, support issues and other key decisions that must be made. You will always be informed of your options and included in the development of the legal strategy that we create.

Although we have handled thousands of family law cases, we do not use a cookie-cutter approach to developing legal strategies. We understand that each situation is unique. We will listen to your concerns and help you identify priorities based on those concerns.

Because life changes continue to occur long after a divorce is final, we frequently help clients with post-divorce matters such as modifications to parenting plans or support orders. We also help clients with municipal court matters such as traffic offenses, drunk driving, drug charges and other criminal matters. We also draft wills or review and modify existing wills.

Schedule A Free Consultation

We welcome the opportunity to review your family law needs during a free 30-minute consultation. You will get a sense of our client-friendly approach the minute you are greeted by our paralegal, Jennifer Virga. We can answer your questions and give you a sense of what to expect.

Call 973-869-5658 or use our online contact form to provide us a few details about your situation and schedule a meeting. We work with residents of Newton and surrounding communities.