Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
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Protecting You And Your Family From Domestic Violence

Relationships can be emotionally volatile, especially when they come to an end. Unfortunately, when couples clash, domestic violence may occur. If you or another person who is living under your roof is suffering from domestic abuse, it is important to get a skilled lawyer on your side who can help protect you and your loved ones.

At the law firm of Laemers, Murphy & Neggia, LLC, our attorneys provide compassionate representation in cases involving domestic violence and spousal abuse. We can help explore your options, pursue legal protections and let you know how this may affect your divorce proceedings.

Anyone Can Be A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

When most people hear the term “domestic violence,” they immediately picture a husband abusing his wife. The fact is anyone can suffer from domestic abuse, regardless of gender or relationship to the abuser. Acts of violence may be directed toward children or any other person who may not be in an intimate relationship with the abuser. If anyone in your household is the target of family violence, it is essential to get legal assistance as soon as you can.

The Impact Of Domestic Violence On Divorce Proceedings

Instances of domestic abuse can have a significant impact on divorce proceedings, most often in the area of child custody and parenting time. A court may limit or eliminate visitation rights to help protect the children. If you or your children are threatened by family violence during your divorce case, we will work hard to ensure you and your loved ones are protected at each stage of the process.

Contact Us For A Consultation To Discuss Your Options

If you are experiencing domestic violence, your priority should be getting to a safe space. Then we can discuss your legal options. To schedule a consultation, call 973-869-5658 or contact us online. Our law office is located in Newton, and we serve clients across Sussex County and surrounding areas of New Jersey.